EU- Innovation Systems in Yachting Sector

March 13, 2018
March 13, 2018

Year: 2017-2018
Specific Objective: Support the development of a regional innovation system for the Adriatic-Ionian Area
Project Summary
Each Adrion country is renowned for its specialization in the yachting supply chain (YSC), but there is a misalignment in terms ofconnection and common strategies for successful development of the innovation system. The main objective of INNOVACTHINGis to improve Adrion yachting sector’s innovation and competitiveness through business model innovation (BMI) based on the3-pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and economic) along the whole supply chain. The result is an integrated regionalinnovation system that merges competences of research experts, enterprises (especially SMEs) and public authorities to create a
Critical mass of knowledge in terms of best practices and innovation patterns. Main outputs of the project are
(1) a yachtingsector map at transnational level,
(2) a generalized BMI for each level of the YSC,
(3) a strategic plan and supporting guidelinesfor the innovation system implementation.
These will be delivered to the target groups, in particular public authorities, agencies,research and higher education institutions and enterprises (especially SMEs), that will be directly involved during the projectimplementation in order to maximize their benefits as well as long-life transferability and durability of the results. For thesereasons, the Consortium will apply a multi-level and innovative approach that integrates
(1) a generalized BMI for each level ofthe YSC,
(2) the focus on both theoretical and practical territorial impacts of sustainability-based business model, (3) the analysis
of knowledge sharing and transfer intra- and inter- supply chain boundaries both at local and transnational level. Transnationalcooperative approach is then needed, because the YSCs extend through numerous coastal boundaries and require an alignmentof policies, goals and practices among countries for the overall competiveness of the sector.