Europe Enterprise Network
March 13, 2018
EU- Innovation Systems in Yachting Sector
March 13, 2018

Project: SARED
Year: 2016-2017
Program:Improving access to markets through territory and product promotion
• Enhance cooperation of the value chain actors through creating an atmosphere of trust and open discussion
• Develop a mutual understanding for the needs for CD initiatives throughout the representatives of the VC actors, organizations and public institutions in the respective areas of intervention
• Ensure a transparent process for the selection of CD initiatives through the participation of various VC actors
• Elaborate of ideas for Capacity Development Initiatives to support the development of the respective Value Chain
• The creation of formalized group of farmers that are producers of fruit products such as cherish, apples, peaches, nuts;
• farmers agree to work jointly for the improvement of standards on production-post-harvest-procedures;
• commitment of farmers to participate in activities proposed to project proposal drafted by RDA Tirana for a couple of years project time to achieve better results by working in common by showing trust and responsibility.