March 8, 2018
OSCE & Embassy of Canada
March 8, 2018

Project: “Action Plans for 15 PLGP Partners Municipality”
Objective: Complete an individual assessment in regard to TA needs from each of the partner cities in regard to implementation of local development strategies/plans. In that regard, PLGP approach will be to build-up on existing planning documents while assisting partner cities to improve these documents where required and necessary
Project Implementation:
There were organized 15 workshops by Fieri, Korca and Tirana RDA-s-member of the Network of RDA all over Albania, out of which 6 of them where conducted by Tirana RDA in Tirana, Durres, Vore, Kamez municipalities and Kashari and Paskuqan Communes

The workshops for Developing Action Plans were based on advanced method of participation which focuses on providing a friendly environment for participants to interact and achieve a shared vision and goals. The active participation of all stakeholders is seen as an essential element in the implementation of projects. In order to be active participation are methods that have interactive elements in the content and effective practice in facilitating the process with the ultimate aim of teamwork and contribution of all participants.
Partners: Fieri, Tirana and Korca RDA-s