March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project:Supporting SME-s and SME Managers in Albania – National SME Survey
Objective: Based on the terms of reference provided by ETF, the aim of the project was to establish an efficient SME information system Interactive Database based upon INSTAT statistics, data channeled through the Ministry of Economy and Trade. This database will include updated quantitative and qualitative information on SME production; export potentials, new investments opportunities, technologies, and available credits lines and, thereby, serve as an efficient reference tool when designing interventions targeting SMEs in the country.
Project Implementation:The RDAs, in collaboration with INSTAT, have conducted an extensive survey on 1000 selected businesses in the country, based on priority sectors broadly determined by government as: agro-business, processing of local raw materials, export oriented SME-s, light manufacturing and tourism etc. The survey has provided information on type of businesses, number of employees, exact location, market sector/main client groups, training and technology needs, expansion and development needs, staff and skills needs, credit needs and type, market expansion opportunities, potential partnerships and other relevant data. There is a system in place based upon an electronic network in which the stakeholders may find any useful information for development of their activities.
Partners: RDA Network, INSTAT, MoET