March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project “Support to Private and Public Initiatives in Rural Districts South of Tirana”.
Objectives: Assistance provided for a better decision-making and distribution of financial supports to start ups as well as controlling of the final use of the financial means based on the project goals and objective of the project for the improvement of the business climate in rural areas in terms of creating new job places by co-ordinating with local governments and co-financed by the beneficiaries up to 50% with self-contribution.
Project’s implementation: It has included the following measures: the development of rural areas in terms of opening of new job places; the support of the investments in the private sector; the improvement of the competitiveness and the human resources development of the SMEs; the programming and monitoring of the realisation of the projects financed by the Programme; the control and evaluation of the progress of the projects.
Partners: Tirana RDA, GTZ-AFC, Kavaja, Lushnja Fier and Tirana muncipalities etc .