March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project:Training Program for Unemployed people and Self-employment opportunities to Bathore citizens
Objective: The aim of the project on the frame of “Distribution of Social Services (PPU)” was to help young people and women of Tirana (especially Bathore citizens) to use their individual capacity and develop their business idea by organizing courses in the context of stimulating of their business creation or self-employment and mainly improvement of their life within local community.
Project’s implementation:The program was focused on unemployed people in order to stimulate the development of private business and creation of new jobs. The project was implemented in Bathore area; roughly 130-150 young people had the opportunity to gain knowledge on vocational training skills, applied on credit schemes and have improved their family life. The project also had an institutional support by RDA staff during and after finishing as well this program. After care services for their small businesses (shops, kiosks, selling services, beauty shop, etc) in order to better manage their capacities etc have been provided continuously. There were created 8 new jobs.