March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project: “Support to women in rural areas”
Objective: The project objective was the activating of women by giving them possibilities to be together discussing several matters such as, family protection, violence, women trafficking, human rights, and new ways of reducing this phenomenon within the area. Implementation of this project was due to the overall Albania National Strategy of fight against trafficking of human beings.
Project Implementation:The project was implemented in Dibra area and surrounding communes such as Maqellare, Bulqiza and had the involvement of women in challenges given by the labor market and strengthening the economical possibilities and women independence. There were delivered 6 trainings, done a training need assessment, conducted workshops & practices near local enterprises, where core issue was the creation of new job possibilities. It was drafted a monthly newsletter for women, which coveredthe daily women problems and issues of the region and actions taken by the local competent institutions.
Partners: Tirana RDA , Dibra Women Forum, Albanian Family Planning Association