May 25, 2023
May 26, 2023

Project “Training of 50 youth on the principles of project design and project/business
ideas for self-employment”
Lead Partner: RDA
Coo Partner: Balance
Donor: WV

Year: 2021
Project Bacground: The tourism sector is important for the country's economy. The areas of Shkodra & Ulqin have the potential for the development of tourist future activities such as upgrading their tourist attraction ideas, creating and selling souvenirs, working as freelance tour guides, and creating tour and adventure itineraries for tourists etc. Each of the locations offer potential regarding specialties and atmospheres at all levels reflected in accommodation, entertainment, architecture, focus on traditional food, cuisine and visits to historical and cultural sites, etc.
The training as well as coaching during the training sessions focused on young people engaged or interested in contributing tourism activities in the target areas by taking over the running of their family businesses and making them more innovative, professional and competitive. The training enabled the development of necessary business skills and competencies in the youth of the 2 areas to implement their business ideas (mainly in tourism) and then manage them (related to agro & tourism farm products) etc. Promotion and marketing of tourism products and services were made throughout the training to encourage young people with their winning ideas in the future to participate in local fairs, forums and open discussion tables, etc

Objective: The purpose of this consultancy was to provide training to support youth in undertaking project/business ideas.

The Action has undertaken:
 Training of 50 youth on how to write project/business ideas from the Shkoder
area and Montenegro (Ulcinj).
 Support Youth especially with an interest in self-employment and business by
testing and practicing tourism sector ideas to generate income.
Young people (considering in near future as start-ups) were trained through CEFE methodology to strengthen their capacities on project business ideas during March – April 2022. CEFE is a methodology that stands for Competency based Economies, Setting Up of Enterprise and is a comprehensive set of training instruments using action- oriented and experiential learning methods to develop and enhance the business management and personal competences of a wide range of target groups, mostly in the
context of income and employment generating and economic growth. CEFE trainings are completely adapted to teaching and are oriented towards simulations, empirical and interactive participation of participants.
 Youth in the cross-border area of Montenegro and Albania will be equipped with job readiness skills
 Youth in cross-border area of Montenegro and Albania will explore new projects/ business ideas matching job market requirements;
 Youth exchange, share best practices and explore new cross-border activities