May 25, 2023
May 25, 2023


Lead Partner: RDA
Coo Partner: Balance
Donor: GIZ – WV, DA
Year: 2021-2022

Project background: Consortium of Regional Development Agency of Tirana and
Balance run the project “Capacity Building on business competencies and skills for self-

Capacity building on business competences and skills (incl. (digital) marketing, product development and standards) for self-employment – Capacity building and coaching on business start-ups through CEFE methodology to strengthen the capacities of 100 selected people affected by migration in municipalities- Tirana, Kamëz, Korça,Maliq, Përrenjas, Vlorë, Mirditë, Kurbin, Belsh, Cërrik.

Start-ups were advised to increase the way of promotion to increase the clientele, using social networks or offers for services at the beginning of the activity. They were advised to keep activity records for sales and expenses in order to better determine the sale price as well as to ensure continuity. In case where sales were low, turnover was used to cover household expenses. If this situation continued like this then the subject would be unable to continue the activity as there would be no possibility to replace the inventory.
Start-ups were advised to pay more attention to market research and competition monitoring due to declining demand for products and services in general as well as to change sales strategies and the way of marketing at great cost on their part.
All start-ups were individually advised according to their needs, supporting them not to give up the business, to analyse the problems that arose, to seek advice from experienced specialists and to work with simple calculations,
 Developed and implemented the 3 days-business development training programme in each region
 Trained identified/selected affected people by migration in Korca & Maliq,
Vlora, Kamza, Tirana and Kurbin with the application of the CEFE methodology
 Enhanced the capacities of selected cases in starting and/or improving the existing businesses and enhancing business development capacities through growth and business consolidation of individuals who received training.
 Providee special coaching to 25 selected participants to support them to develop a basic business plan based on business ideas.