March 13, 2018
March 13, 2018

Project:The improvement of business environment and the increase of the tax payers base through the creation of small business associations in Lezha Fushe Kruje and Shkodra that will advocate for the business interests.
Objective: Build the capacity of Small Business Associations as professional advocates and as demand driven service providers. Small Business Associations must be registered in the Tirana Court; Train board members and the members of the association on capacity building and association management. 30 people trained; Advocate for the interests of small businesses in Korce, especially against unfair competition. Identify businesses that are not registered and register them in the formal sector.
Project Implementation: Through the project were made these actions:diagnostics and policy analyses related with small businesses in Lezha and Fushe Kruja area, a survey to understand the situation and the needs for the creation of small business association; identification of the board members and other members; prepare registration documents and help with the registration of the association; trained the Board members and the members of the association through capacity building and strategy development for the association; monitoring of changes in the business climate; helping the members to understand the reforms, monitor changes in the business climate and communicate changes to their members; voice the concerns of the private sector and create a constituency for change for policy reforms.
Partners: Tirana and Korca RDA