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March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project: Mapping of the Private Sector Stakeholders in the Regions of Fier, Elbasan and Lezha.
Objective:Sensitizing the private sector on existing schemes that promote the training of marginalized groups and promote CSR practices to facilitate awareness on the integration into the labor market of socially excluded groups, identifying if CSR is applied and contributes to raise performance of companies and create positive impact for the community, stakeholders (staff, society, environment, media etc).

Implementation:CSR in three regions Fier, Elbasan and Lezha where the joint project SIVET of ILO/UNDP “Addressing social inclusion through vocational education and training” was implemented, was of important interest not only for the private sector companies but also for all communities and actors involved in economic development of the areas in general. There were meet companies that are very active in CSR aspect such as textile and shoes, construction, oil and gas companies, cement, social restaurant businesses etc.
As a matter of fact CSR is relatively a new concept in Albania and companies including that one’s operating in these areas have expressed various challenges in implementing socially and environmentally responsible practices. Identification of these challenges will help to steer the discussion towards designing of the type of support that the private sector needs to overcome the challenges related the implementation of CSR.

In order to get a clear view of the current situation of CSR practices, both SIVET ILO/UNDP expeets/consultants considered as fundamental to conduct a mapping of private sector and related stakeholders in Elbasan, Fieri and Lezha cities, identify good existing practices and highlight and discover more the topic during the round tables to be organized in regards to challenges for the practices of CSR in the most prominent industries in above mentioned areas..

Therefore, during the pre period of the round table implementation the consultant has made a preliminary research by contacting different companies on the area to get a picture through developing a situation analysis on CRS practices and challenges of the sectors (as mentioned in the ToR) with the final aim to bring a core group of these companies in round tables to point out the main issues, findings and best practices.

In spite of the present challenges on implementing CSR legislation, METE is committed to promote social and environmental standards as an added source of competitiveness and sustainable growth for Albanian companies in the local and the global market. UNDP is contributing in promoting among local actors the CSR agenda in Albania
Partner: Anisa Kaltanji