March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project: “Measuring of the performance of services that the local government provides to its community in compliance with the previously-established strategies and objectives as a primary effective means future improvement in addressing specific problems arising from the community’s participation in decision-making”.
Objectives: To measure citizens’ satisfaction on the quality and variety of services obtained from the local governments; have the community address its priority demands that require local government’s intervention; help the local government to understand the quality of former interventions and to plan strategic interventions in specific sectors that meet the requirements of interested parties; civic participation in decision-making and mutual transparency indicates progress
Project implementation: Two working groups were established, in Kavaja and Lushnja municipalities was discussed and agreed with the staff of municipalities. The groups discussed and decided for the field questioner to be used by field interviewers, sample and the interpretation of the data of the survey based on regions/neighborhoods and gender. It was conducted the survey and the results were presented/reported to the staff of each municipality. The representatives of Kavaja & Lushnja Municipalities have got the report and appointed that this material will serve as a guide to improve the services to citizens since there is a comparable material in use.
Partners: Tirana RDA & Fieri RDA