March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project:“Working for youth &women’s entrepreneurship through training & skills development in Albania”
Objective: The aim of the project was to assist women and young female graduates in the selected regions of Albania to develop their individual capacities for running a business, through formal and non-formal training and practical work experience.
Project Implementation: The project had provided local employers with a qualified workforce, which was well trained and consulted during the detailed program. Companies have got specialised expertise to be prepared with the new market economy rules and procedures. The project also helped new and existing SME-s owned by women those, which need special support in order to improve their business management in the process of building a strong economy. So the RDA network has assisted/consulted and trained a special target group such as the borrowers of BESA Foundation and other Micro Credit Institutions. The project was implemented in all the regions such as Tirana, Durresi, Elbasan, Korce, Kruja, Shkodra, Gjirokastra and Vlora. Some data’s for the project: Implementation of training courses to over 150 women, ongoing support to attendees of training courses, workshops and industry visits, identification of a key group of trainees and assistance in applying for micro credit; follow-up and evaluation and reporting etc
Partners: RDAs offices in above mentioned cities as member of RDA Network.