May 31, 2023

Project: Start-up Development Center and support of young people in innovative business

Duration of activity: 10/05/2022-12/11/2022

Project background: The Municipality of Pukë as Facilitator aims to help and support young people in business or those young people who have their own innovative ideas to develop and create economic income. The initiative of Pukë Municipality aims to improve the public infrastructure through the provision of new services to start-ups, to contribute to their socio-economic development, as an alternative to help young people and vulnerable groups in the development of their innovative ideas and in informing them  about the ways they can provide support for their realization. In order to achieve this goal, the project aims to create suitable work environments, which are currently unused, which can only be used to encourage start-ups, where young people can use them as work environments, for the development of ideas. of them, along with the facilities that will be offered by the center, which in the future will be called the Start-Up Development Center. The Start-Up Development Center will also be used for the realization of trainings with local and foreign experts, which will help all young people who will show interest in expanding their ideas, after promoting the premises of work, which will be fully in their function.
Every innovative idea will be promoted by the information channels of Puke Municipality and will be supported with every capacity that the municipality offers, for the finalization of the project-idea towards a genuine business.
Young people (considered in the near future as start-ups) were trained through the German CEFE methodology to strengthen their capacities in business project ideas during the October-November 2022 period. CEFE is a methodology that develops the basic competencies related to the formation of young entrepreneurs and represents a comprehensive set of training instruments with action-oriented and experiential learning methods to develop and improve business management and personal competencies of a range of wide target groups, mainly in the context of income generation, employment and economic growth. CEFE trainings are fully adapted to teaching and are oriented towards simulations, empirical and interactive participation of the participants.

Objective: Providing training and coaching services by 2 trainers for young people who are looking to realize their innovative ideas to turn them into a real business, but also current ideas to expand.
 Activity 1: Sensitization of vulnerable groups and encouragement in the development of their ideas for business development.
 Activity 2: Training for building a business plan for the innovative ideas of Puka youth.
 Activity 3: Creation of facilities for innovative small businesses to help them develop their business.

Pukë Municipality will ensure the commitment and participation of vulnerable groups,
young people and women to be part of these initiatives.
 Delivering of 2 trainings of 2+3 days (5 days for each trainer) where the topics that will include
o The skills of the entrepreneur and ways to enter the business;
o Market analysis and ways of entering the market;
o Human planning and financial forecasting
 Organization of 2 trainings/coaching in a 2-day group for the prediction of the individual business of each of the participants and the steps to be followed for drafting the business plan. (3 days for each trainer)
 Individual sessions to support each participant who is developing the idea in the form of a business plan. (5 days x 2 trainers) 10 days in total.
 Training sessions & exchange of experience Know How by a foreign expert (3 days)