RISI Albania

November 19, 2020
Takim konsultativ me OSHC-të Vlorë
November 19, 2020

Project: Implementation of Alberghi Diffusi model in Albania: Assessment phase – Consultancy for drafting the business plan for the selected village of Dhoksat-Gjirokaster

Year: December 2019 – March 2020

Objective: Developing a business plan for one selected village, that will be piloted as the first Alberghi Diffusi model in Albania.

Expected outputs: Supporting of the lead entrepreneur and participate in visits, meetings and focus groups in Dhoksat, collaborating closely with the other team members, leading in developing:
• A narrative business plan including a vision; short, medium- and long-term goals; a marketing strategy; and a human resources plan.
• A financial business plan including a budget including investments, revenues, breakeven points according to occupancy scenarios) and financial projections over the next five years.
• A workplan including key goals, dates and plans of action, with clearly defined timeframe and milestones.
• Business organizational chart, defining human resource needs and needs for training.
• A list of needs for improvement in the village infrastructure and premises (road, electricity and water supply, village lighting system, waste management, attractions and monuments etc.)