March 13, 2018


Project: Entrepreneurial Network of Growth Initiatives for New Entrepreneurs, ENGI4NE- 2. Year: 2018-2019 Program: EU – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Partners: Confindustria Ancona (CA) ITALY Via Ing. Roberto Bianchi – Ancona 60131 [email protected] – www.confindustria.an.it Oü Turundusproff – Marketingi Instituut Estonia (Mi) ESTONIA Peterburi tee 2f, Tallinn 11415 [email protected] www.mi.ee Asociacion De Empresarios Textiles De […]
June 25, 2020


Project: Support to Civil Society Organizations capacities Lead Partner: CCP Partner: RDA Donor: EU Year: 2018-2019 Specific Objective: Encouraging and supporting the Civil Society Organisations-CSOs considering the development of social enterprises and collective cooperatives for ensuring financial stability of their activities, as new business model for business development of the Albanian economy and social inclusion […]