Aware of the central role of the human factor as a key element for the competitive success of a company, Tirana RDA devotes its strengths to training activity designed for businessman, young people and women, individuals and organizations (NGO-s). Training activities are carried out in cooperation with GTZ project, ETF, UNDP, EU, EBRD, BAS as well as with USAID etc. The main goal of the programs is to assist participants in managing business & life situations etc. A wide range of training courses is provided.

Courses for people in search for a job are designed for under or graduate unemployed people such as:

• Vocational courses
• Computer courses

Courses for new entrepreneurs who want to set up their own enterprise. They are designed for people who have a project to establish their own business and lack the necessary managerial skills. Some title courses are:

• Start up your business
• Motivation courses
• Self employment courses etc

Courses for managers and private entrepreneurs. They are designed for people who are or will be appointed to national and international functions as to give them new frameworks for consolidating existing skills and increasing their competence in the basic problems of national and international exchanges of goods and services. Some title courses are:

• Improve your business
• Marketing and Cost courses
• Business planning etc.

Courses for new Trainers (TOT). They are designed for experts who will be appointed to train on enterprise level and conduct training’s on the site. Some title courses are:

• Improve consulting techniques.
• The mission and training characteristics.
• Organization and operation of Training Centers.
• Computerized programs of landing process etc.

NGO Development and Sustainability Assistance. Tirana RDA assists other NGO-s in their capacity buildings. Courses for Local Government: Tirana RDA uses to assist and provide technical assistance and on-the-job training to staff of municipalities on a variety of issues including taxes collection, service provision, etc.