March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018

Project: “ Capacity building of local stakeholders of Gjirokastra & Saranda Region on drafting of the project application to IPA – EU”
Objective: Assessment of the main region priorities to implement strategies and policies supported by measurable results & objectives to apply for IPA funds.
Fostering of the capacities of local institutions through a combined training program based on needs to raise IPA funds.
Project Implementation: There wereconducted 6 training courses in Gjirokaster & Saranda. Six local coordinators have supported Tirana RDA to create two expert teams (7 in Gjirokastra & 5 in Sarande) for the finalization of three potential projects for the upcoming EU call for proposes. It was designed and offered capacity building for local experts with the aim of proposal writings based on EU standards. Through the project was achieved agood level ofacquisitionexpertsfromlocalinstitutions. There weredevelopednewbridgesof cooperationwiththeSarandaMunicipality ofGjirokastra, andof Saranda, The main purposefor measuring thelevelof knowledgeandto create thatnetworkconsultantsandexpertsasthe projecttargetgroupfortrainingandseminarswas conductedduring project implementation.Qualitativelythese expertswillbe ableto identifypossiblyproblematicto returnto the projectidea, prepareand developqualityprojectsto contribute toeconomicandsocialdevelopmentoftheirregion.
Partners: RDA Vlora & Gjirokastra, Municipalities of Gjirokastra & Saranda, University of Saranda, the Development & Monitoring Foundation of Infrastructure, Environment and Civil Society of Gjirokastra.