Since 1994 Tirana RDA has assisted/prepared over 300 business plans for credit applications. Over 50% of them have been successful, resulting in new business investments reaching approximately $200 million. Some large businesses that have been assisted by RDA Tirana are: Hotel Bar Restourant Mondial, Hotel Xheko Imperial, Hotel Adriatic, Hotel Paradise, Taiwan Bar&restourant, VEVE-product of potato chips, Print 2000, Wine Factory Scanderbeg, Tirana Beer,  Norga Beer, Everest IE, Sejega, QTU Univers, Blue Star Trade Center, Albania Alumil, Eurofish, Fogi shpk, Cotonnela, Lufra, Joy Florina, Daniela ltd, Mielli Sha, Interbrand, Albania Motors, Era catering & Restourant, Piaza Restourant, Mbm, Agro Input Jazxhi, Vera Librazhd, etc. Tirana RDA has also assisted a large number of small & medium industries in sectors such as beer, flour, olive oil, construction, confection, wood processing, fruit juices, sparkling water, eggs & poultry production, greenhouses, printing, retail clothing, milk processing, etc. In recent years RDA Tirana has prepared over 30 market studies for projects related to sparkling water, meat processing, wine, milk processing, production of bricks, clothing, beer,  pipes, construction, agro inputs, etc.