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Primary, its mission was to support the development of the SME sector in the west-central region of Albania, precisely in Tirana, Durres & Kavaja. Over the past 19 years, some of the most important RDA duties concerned: training, the collection and distribution of information to businesses and associations, the fostering of business relations at home and abroad, the creation of services and facilitating the financing of projects designed to assist new businesses and existing ones, the promotion and organization of events with a significant impact on the economic growth and social advancement of our region.

During this time, the Agency has striven to increase its expertise through the recruitment and training of staff as business counselors, local experts and professional trainers. Prior to 1998 the Tirana Regional Development Agency (SME-s) has operated under the name of Tirana Regional Business Agency (RBA) and was one of seven agencies set up under SME Foundation. The Regional Business Agency was established in April 1992 as a shareholder organization, but this status prevented the organization from cooperating with foreign donor projects and so in 1998 the status was changed to that on NGO.

At the same time, to reflect the developing and changing needs of business, support services and regional economic projects, the agency changed its name to the Regional Development Agency (SME-s) Foundation, so called RDA. From April 1992 until July 1997, the RBA Tirana as it was at this time, received financial support from both the EU PHARE Program and the Albanian Government. With the cessation of SME Foundation funding in July 1997, the RBA Tirana became self-financing, covering it’s operating costs through the income generated from fees charged to clients for services provided.

In 1998 the RBA took on its new role as Tirana Regional Development Agency (SME-s) Foundation and was fully registered as a NGO. Since that change the RDA as member of the RDA Network is working with diffrent communities, businesses, local administrate, individuals, youth and woman, young entrepreneurs etc by implementing projects and programs designed with common will.


  • To develop its capacity as a leading center in its region through providing training’s, counseling services and information to business community, NGO-s, government etc.
  • To provide a decentralized information service on community and national policies and their indications for new and existing enterprises.
  • To advise and support companies and NGO-s in their approach with a view to participating in community program’s or activities or to resolve difficulties in implementing community and Albanian measures and directives.
  • To create a network of partners enabling the exchange of information on national and regional legal and regulatory provisions, and their implementation procedure which are of direct interest to social economic development of Albania.
  • To strengthen the role of NGO-s in a developing democratic society.

RDA Strategy

Since 1992, the strategy of the Tirana RDA has been exclusively targeted at providing business support services for existing and newly SME-s. In addition, after 1998, the RDA’s strategy aims to provide a wide range of services in organizational development and leadership to NGO-s, government, individuals etc. To achieve its aim, Tirana RDA Foundation works with a variety of sectors in identifying areas for co-operation and support, identifying partners with similar vision/goals/role to actively promote the economic development of the Tirana region, identifying areas for co-operation and support within Local Government.

Our Board

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Pavli Kisi


Freelance Expert

Genci Mita



Mimoza Bezhani

Freelance Expert

Robert Borova

Owner "Albanian Shoes" LTD

Ilia Cili

Manager at "Albanian Motors Company Ford"

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Ilir Rembeci

Executive Director


Jora Marko

Finance Specialist

Jorgo Dhimarko

Research Specialist

Arben Rrapo

Research Specialist