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Njoftim – IPARD Thirrja e Re
December 11, 2012
March 8, 2018

Project: Support Program for Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Albania
Project Implementation:Under direct EU financing and supervision, the RDA-s had the mission to work with local government, business associations or organizations, banks to promote economic development of the local economic areas; design & implement training courses for new &existing entrepreneurs; develop and implement the RDA strategic plans (work-plan activities, fund rising plan, public relations plan etc); prepare a budget analysis and a financial plan for the RDA activity, which includes funding needed to put in action based on deliverables; coordinate with local Government and other local institutions in economic development planning of the region and specific development project; design, monitor, implement and evaluate projects on social – economic development in the RDA area; assist SME- in their road to grow via counseling, training, information and technical assistance; coordinate with local business community, and foreign organizations to facilitate future business development in the region; deliver training for trainers and business advisers; conceive, develop, and market an assortment of fee based services targeted toward the support of local businesses and development projects of the Region; maintain and expand the RDA Network. During 4 years the RDA network has assisted over 750 SME-s.
Partners: RDA Network comprised of 8 RDA-s