EEY EU Project.2

March 21, 2018
Agjencia Rajonale e Zhvillimit Tiranë, organizoi veprimtarinë për lançimit e Projektit me titull “Erasmus Për Sipërmarrësit e Rinj”, financuar nga Bashkimi Europian.
June 30, 2018

Project: Support to Civil Society Organizations capacities
Lead Partner: CCP
Coo Partner: RDA
Donor: EU
Year: 2018-2019
Specific Objective: Encouraging and supporting the Civil Society Organisations-
CSOs considering the development of social enterprises and collective
cooperatives for ensuring financial stability of their activities, as new business
model for business development of the Albanian economy and social inclusion of
vulnerable and marginalised groups.
Project Summary
The Project will contribute: (i)Development of social enterprises in Albania as
a good opportunity for introducing a new business model for economic empower
mostly for vulnerable groups and disadvantaged areas all over the country. (ii)
Creation of financial stability for the CSOs in Albania. Through the
development of cooperative forms, social enterprises and other forms of
cooperation, as a new source for sustain funding for sustainability of the CSOs’
The concept of social business, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship was
discussed in Albania since 2011. A public organisation “Promotion of Social

Business” was established and a study on social enterprises (prepared by Social
Enterprise-Europe) and EU project lead to drafting and approval of the law no.
65 dt. 9.6.2016 “On Social Enterprises
Development of social enterprises or other cooperative forms as a form to support
CSOs to maintain their continuous activities is a key concern of this project.
On the other side, with relation to the technical and management capacity of
the CSOs that are target group of the Project is identified that among different
organisations small or newly established are missing capacities to fundraising, to
prepare project proposal, a difficulty that do not support their continuity. A
number of NGOs registered in the Court are not active, because of the missing
Under this activity the project will contribute to resolve this problem for 32
organisations by supporting them financially and nearly 80 of them will enhance
the capacity to better management their organisations.
Based on field researches and the analysis resulting by the lively extensive
experience of the applicants gained in daily work with economic operators, it is
identified that production and processing home-made, food traditional products
and bio products in small scale it’s a good opportunity for the development of
social business. Mostly agriculture sector, as specific varieties of fruit growing,
rowing of lavender, beans, medicinal plants, powlonia, original fresh flowers etc.,
can be very productive. Creative economy, as another opportunity contributing to
the social economy, is a promising economic sector with the potential to
contribute to the local, regional and national, as well as to job creation.In the
other side the development of creative economy or traditional crafts, as sewing,
embroidering, wool products (carpets, socks) silver, carving and embellishment
of wood, marble, alabaster and rush-work, ceramics, will contribute to the
vitalisation and valorisation of cultural heritage of Albania for which through the
development of social businesses will be the best solution and with great of social
Through the support and cooperation with CSOs operating all over the country,
for the development of the social businesses, like social enterprises the project in
itself will contribute to speed up: the preparation of the under legal acts for the
establishment of the new social enterprises; improvement of the education and
professional training system; financial support and strengthening capacities
through the support of CSOs.
Expected results:

  • Contribution with recommendations for preparation of bylaws for social
  • One publication of the report on the results of assessment and the
    recommendations from the study;
  • capacity building to prepare their business plan for a social enterprise through
    participation in the training
  • 40 potential CSOs candidates prepare their applications to be financed for the
    social business plans;
  • 32 CSOs are financed to develop social businesses through financial grant